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About Us   Vision and Mission    
On March 15, 1926 devotees in Vetapalem formed Sri Bala Bhakat Bhajana Nataka Samjam to practice group activities to meet their religious and spirutual, cultural and social needs. Their activities focused on weekly prayers and bhajans with ocassional plays and playlets. Search for peace of mind through prayers, entertainment, and social awarness programs through natakams were the direct benefit of their activities.Theyearly main event was to celebrate Sri Vinayaka Chavithi festival and a procession to immerse Lord Vinayaka in the waters. More ...   The mission of the Samajam is to build and maintain a Hindu Temple and Cultural Center with the goal of perpetuating time tested tradition that started by few devotees in 1926 with weekly bhajans, cultural programs, and annual Ganapathy Mahotsvams. The temple and the cultural center serves as an investment for the sake of future generations-an investment that will be the most precious gift from generations to generations,while fulfilling the cultural and religious needs of the present constituents, comprising common people, professional, More ...    
Temple Facility   Temple Construction Plan    
The facility shall be used only for religious, spiritual, cultural, community, and educational activities. No activities shall be permitted if it is against the spiritual atmosphere of the facility. More...   Sons of Late Sri Boddu Chenchunadam will provide land for the temple. The temple will be designed and built as per Aagama sastras. Expert stapatis are consulted. More...    
Fundraising   Membership Categories Organizing Committee
Currently, the organizing committee initiates fundraising activity. Major responsibilities of the committee are fundraising for the SAMAJAM, establishing an endowment fund, recruiting and retaining membership. The committee requests you to consider becoming a member. Several membership categories are listed below. The committee requests your generous More..   Grand Benefactor ..Maharajaposhakulu
Benefator ... Rajaposhakulu
Patron Member ... Poshakulu
Gold Member ... Swarnapatradhari
Silver Member ... Rajitapatradhari
and More...
Adinarayana Muddana
Biksha Rao
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